Dear Reader,

I am a fifteen year old student at
Arapahoe High School. I have strong beliefs in the way I want things to be or the way that I see things. I am also very strong willed, but I try to be free. It is just hard to do with my strong personality.

My personal philosophy is not necessarily something that I have always thought about when I have gone through life, but rather a statement that works with the way I live my life.

Something that I have always hard time doing is actually taking situations seriously. If I do something wrong and the authority figure is trying to tell me why I was wrong and how horrible what I did was, I always end up cracking a smile. Its not even out of spite, or anything like that, I just genuinely cannot take "serious" situations too serious. This has to do with the fact that I really don't understand the purpose of taking life, or even yourself too seriously. It ruins the natural, naive radiance to life that, nowadays, only kids under the age of four have in common. Another type of situation that I cannot take too seriously is sad situations. I mean, I can get horribly sad, but it never fully pulls me apart, because I always force myself to see a silver lining. When my grandma died last September, I was dreadfully sad, but I couldn't help but think that she was no longer in pain (she had rheumatoid arthritis). She would absolutely hate the fact that I was wasting up time shedding tears for her when she was proud of the way that she lived her life. She also wants me to be able to experience that feeling of satisfaction for myself.

When I have a strong opinion about situations or the way that I want things to be, I tend to get really freaked out and try to control things, however, I always try to make myself step back and look at things in another light and realize things will go according to God's plan, even without me freaking out. Things will turn out okay, even if the results are not the ones I desired. Everything all happens for a reason. I never want to have to look back and say I wish I wouldn't have made such a big deal of how afraid I was or how much I wanted things to end my way.

I hope that reading this letter and my wikispace will give you new insight and new perspectives to view your life and maybe even motivate you to step back and look at life through a new window.


Shannan Pullara